Alison’s practice inhabits a complex web of interwoven space between interior and exterior, an interface of mediation and conversation providing a new zone of endless possibilities. Her webs begin with a line, a line of clay given form by threading through her fingers, held momentarily and then released to give intimate form to buildable components.

These components, once balanced and stacked, form baffling intricate structures, regions of non-orientation where the container and the contained are twisted together with no beginning and no end. With the heat of transformation, the structures warp and shift to give unpredictable form and only fix their tentative connection through glazed pathways, resulting in a vibrant fragile stability.

These are structures of indescribable presence where viewers may conjure up nests or cloud formations, rich with embedded memory, the chance of a secret rendezvous within porous boundaries of ambiguity. This ambiguity of interpretation offers new ways of evaluating what we think we already know, the challenge is to reach within the complex void for new ways of being human in our profoundly fragmented age.

The Journey

Alison studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, and is currently based in London where she leads her own Architectural and Interior Design practice. In 2018 Alison joined a weekly class at The Ceramic Studio, Brenchley, Kent and fell in love with clay. Throughout the pandemic she honed her skills at home, learnt from countless mistakes and knew she wanted a new career path in ceramics. The Brede House studio was set up in 2022 allowing Alison to begin the transition from full-time architect to ceramist. To further this ambition Alison applied to the Royal College of Art where she completed an MA in Ceramics and Glass in 2023.

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